Benefits of using the WriteRight® Lazy 8 board

The WriteRight® Lazy 8 board come highly recommended to any child by:
Terry Webb – Educational Kinesiologist who works with students in the schools in the Ceres Valley, South Africa.

Benefits from drawing a Lazy 8.

  • The students learns to recognise left from right sides and vice versa.
  • The movement results in the elimination of reversals and transpositions in reading and writing.
  • Crossing the midline is important for increased hemispheric integration. Activates the nerve nets in the Corpus Callosum.
  • Improves binocular and peripheral vision.
  • Improves eye tracking, smooth pursuit.
  • Excellent exercise for the development of reading (left/right eye movement).
  • Symbol recognition for the decoding of written language.

by Terry Webb


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