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Learning to do anything well takes practice. The more children practice certain skills the easier and quicker they become. While repetition is necessary for learning, it can also be boring. Bored children will stop paying attention and stop learning. The trick is to ‘hide’ repetition using interesting, creative resources and activities to maintain children’s interest and curiosity while they practise essential skills.

WriteRight® understands the powerful combination of repetition and interest and has created a range of products that are visually exciting and can be used in a number of novel and creative ways. Using this range of products results in children having fun while getting repeated opportunities for practice – the perfect combination of factors for effective learning. WriteRight® is a range of brightly-coloured, high quality wooden educational products that focus on developing handwriting skills, and improving literacy and numeracy.

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The ultimate guide to letter and number reversals

Reversals occur often when young children learn to write. Letters or numbers are formed incorrectly and in such a way that they seem to be 'reversed'.  For example, the word 'bed' might be written as 'deb'...


Reversals: Activites to help your child succeed

Reversals are very common in early childhood, and the worry about reversals in parenthood is also very common! You want to do anything and everything for your child so that he or she can succeed in the future, and the thought about learning difficulties can be daunting.


Mid-line crossing - Why is it important?

What is mid-line crossing? Crossing the mid-line means that one hand spontaneously moves over to the other side of the body to work there. Before this ability is established, a...

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Midline Crossing 101

What is midline crossing all about? Let's start right at the beginning. When a baby is born, development takes place from the head downwards, and outwards from the midline. The body's midline is ….

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How to use the Lazy 8 Board

This board is a wonderful practical tool for establishing cross lateral integration.  Instructions for use and things to pay attention to.


Benefits of using the WriteRight® Lazy 8 board

The WriteRight® Lazy 8 board come highly recommended to any child by: Terry Webb – Educational Kinesiologist who works with students in the schools in the Ceres Valley, South Africa.


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