Reversals: Activities to help your child succeed.

Reversals are very common in early childhood, and the worry about reversals in parenthood is also very common! You want to do anything and everything for your child so that he or she can succeed in the future, and the thought about learning difficulties can be daunting. However, you can help your child establish good writing habits with the following playful activities:



  • Write letters and numbers in coloured sand, shaving cream, flour or finger paint.
  • Fill a ziplock bag halfway with hair conditioner, add colouring and write on the outside with fingers.
  • Form letters and numbers from playdough, clay or mud.
  • Write letters and numbers on the ground with sidewalk chalk.
  • Draw letters and numbers in sand with a long stick.
  • Create a collage of each letter and number from pasta, seeds or beads.
  • Use any of our WriteRight® boards to reinforce good writing habits.

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