How to use the Lazy 8 board

This board is a wonderful practical tool for establishing cross lateral integration.  To see why visit Midline Crossing 101 and Why is Midline Crossing so important?


  •  The board must be placed on a flat surface in front of the student (align the middle point with the nose), between the shoulders, not to the side. Make sure this is done correctly before beginning.
  • The student chooses the dominant hand i.e. the writing hand.
  • The student traces the grooves in the board with the triangular pencil provided.
  • The student begins the lazy 8 by tracing up to the left, counter clockwise, around, cross the midline and up around, down and back to the middle.
  • The student will do three representations with each hand separately, then with both hands together.



  • Make sure that the student holds the pencil correctly - with a pincer grip. The board will have a learning pencil attached to encourage the correct grip.
  • Make sure that the student does not stop when crossing in the middle. A continuous movement must happen.
  • Encourage the student to feel the rhythm of the movement which is important in all forms of learning. The student needs to find a relaxed pace of his own. Speed is not encouraged just a nice gentle pace.
  • To ensure that the board used for the drawing does not slip or slide, place the board on an A4 book. If doing the drawing on paper the same rule will apply.
  • Take special note that the student is not holding his breath while tracing the 8, breathing should be relaxed.
  • When doing the tracing in a classroom setting, make sure that each student has enough space for drawing the 8, adjusting the width and height to their needs (needs to be comfortable). Make sure there are no suitcases next to them.
  • Use only the pencil attached to the board.

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